What is a color run?  A color run is a fun run of about 3k-5k (2-3 miles) that brings fun and a little exercise together, celebrating life and color, and earning money for a great cause!

How does it work? You start off clean at the starting line.  You can walk, run or do cartwheels through the course.  Along the way we have color stations where color is powdered on you. At the finish, you will be fully plastered in color!  We have a celebration of color and fun at the end, as well!

Is it safe? YES! Made from food coloring and cornstarch, it is all natural and safe.

Do I get a T-Shirt?  YES! All participants will be provided their own shirt for the run. The idea is to turn that shirt into a colorful masterpiece you can keep.

Will it come out of my clothing? Mostly. The best way to get off extra color is to “shake” it off (from clothes and shoes, too).  You will want to make sure that you wash the color out of any clothing that you do not want the color to remain on.  We will also provide cleaning tips, as well as a way to assure that your Color Blast Fun Run T-Shirt stays colorful, if you want.

Should I bring a towel? Yes.  You will probably want to throw down a towel in your car to help avoid the spread of color to seats!

WHat do i do with my valuables during the race?Leave your valuables (cell phone, electronics) at home or place them in ziploc bags to protect them when running thorugh color stations.

Should I wear any other attire or protective clothing? Some people wear goggles or sunglasses because they don’t want any dust to get in their eyes. Some people wear something to protect their mouths from getting too much dust…bandana’s work well.

Where DO I park? There should be plenty of free parking in the school parking lot or on the streets near the school. The fun and run starts in the stadium.

Can I participate without actually running? Yes.  There are a lot of ways to get involved.  You can volunteer.  You can sponsor a color station.  You can simply donate, and get a t-shirt, and participate in the end celebration.  Runners may also decide to simply wait at the finish line for the color celebration…you will still get colored!

Is my donation or sponsorship tax deductibLe? Yes.  Tax ID 47-4593568 (Non-Profit 23 Happy Ventures, Inc. dba SLO Colorblast)

Frequently Asked Questions

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